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75th anniversary magazine, Wollongong High School.
Pamphlet - Wollongong : Wollongong High School, 1991.
Call Number: B4.500/30/Pam.4
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
The City of Greater Wollongong / narrated by W. H. Mitchell ; illustrated by J. Greig. (2nd)
by Mitchell, W. H. ; Greig, J. ;
Pamphlet - June, 1952.
Call Number: B4.500/1/Pam.6
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
Commonwealth jubilee : Wollongong celebrations - programme 14th to 18th March 1951.
Pamphlet - Wollongong : Commonwealth Jubilee Committee, 1951.
Call Number: B4.500/1/Pam.9
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
The early Wollongong Congregational Church and some of its personalities / by K. & M. Marshall.
by Marshall, K. ; Marshall, M. ;
Pamphlet - Illawarra Historical Society, , 1968.
Call Number: B4.500/99/Pam.1
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
Old Market Square : historic heart of Wollongong / by A. P. Fleming.
by Fleming, A. P. ;
Pamphlet - 1968.
Call Number: B4.500/1/Pam.2
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
Book - Wollongong, N.S.W. : Wollongong City Council, 1970.
Call Number: B4.500/1/6
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
The port of Wollongong / by C. W. Gardiner-Garden.
by Gardiner-Garden, C. W. ;
Pamphlet - 1959.
Call Number: B4.500/1/Pam.1
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
St. Michael's, Wollongong, 1859-1959 / compiled by W. S. Mugrave.
by Musgrave, W. S. ;
Pamphlet -
Call Number: B4.500/91/Pam.2
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
The story of the City of Wollongong / prepared by the Council of the City of Wollongong.
Pamphlet - Hoskins Kembla Works of Australian Iron & Steel Pty Ltd, , 1972.
Call Number: B4.500/1/Pam.5
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
Sublime vision : the story of the city of Greater Wollongong, N.S.W., Australia.
Book - Council of the City of Greater Wollongong by Oswald Ziegler Publications Pty Ltd., , nd.
Call Number: B4.500/1/7
Location: 379 Kent
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