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Balancing the books : oral history for the community / by Janis Wilson and Angela Bollard.
by Wilson, Janis ; Bollard, Angela ;
Pamphlet - Sydney : Ethnic Affairs Commission of N.S.W., 1983.
Call Number: B2/1/Pam.2
Location: 379 Kent
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In search of Welsh ancestry / by Gerald Edwards-Hamilton.
by Hamilton-Edwards, Gerald ;
Book - Sussex : Phillimore and Co. Ltd, 1986.
Call Number: Q2/1/1
Location: 379 Kent
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The Parish map in family history research.
Pamphlet - Sydney : Crown Lands Office, Dept. of Lands, August 1984.
Call Number: B2/1/Pam.7
Location: 379 Kent
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Pocket guide to civil registrations / compiled by Christine Smith.
by Smith, Christine ;
Pamphlet - Privately published, , 1995.
Call Number: L2/1/Pam.8
Location: 379 Kent
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Probate packets at State Records New South Wales / by Theresa Ewan
by Ewan, Theresa ;
Pamphlet - [New South Wales]: Theresa Ewan, 2009
Call Number: B2/1/Pam.9
Location: 379 Kent
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Researching family history in Wales / by Jean Istance and E. E. Cann.
by Istance, Jean ; Cann, E. E. ;
Book - Birmingham : Federation of Family History Societies, 1996.
Call Number: Q2/1/3
Location: 379 Kent
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Second stages in researching Welsh ancestry / edited by John and Sheila Rowlands.
by Rowlands, John ; Rowlands, Sheila ;
Book - Bury : The Federation of Family HIstory Societies (Publications) Ltd in conjunction with The Department of Continuing Education, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1999.
Call Number: Q2/1/4
Location: 379 Kent
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Starting up a genealogical library and advisory service / by Paul Gorter.
by Gorter, Paul ;
CD ROM - [Wauchope] : Paul Gorter, 1986.
Call Number: Thesis/B2/1/CD.8
Location: 379 Kent
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State Conference 24-26 October, 1997 : a journey of discovery, papers and proceedings / edited by Elaine Sheehan.
by Sheehan, Elaine ;
Book - Adamstown : The Newcastle Family History Society Inc., 1998.
Call Number: B2/1/4
Location: 379 Kent
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Tracing family histories in the western area of New South Wales / by Helen Jeuken.
by Jeuken, Helen ;
CD ROM - Sydney : Helen Jeuken, 1988.
Call Number: Thesis/B2/10/CD.27
Location: 379 Kent
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