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The Calderwood families of Scotland, Ireland and America / by Albert A. Taylor.
by Taylor, Albert A. ;
Book - London : Research Publisher, 1964.
Call Number: P6/CAL/1
Location: Villa Stack
Full Record
The emigrant's guide to North America / by Robert MacDougall ; edited by Elizabeth Thompson.
by MacDougall, Robert ; Thompson, Elizabeth ;
Book - Toronto, Ontario : Natural Heritage, 1998.
Call Number: T3/20/1
Location: Villa Stack
Full Record
The genealogy of Frances Anna Brown / by R. S. Conrow Jnr.
by Conrow, R. S. ;
Pamphlet - Beecroft, Sydney : : Privately published, 1994.
Call Number: U6/BRO/Pam.1
Location: Villa Stack
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Histoire du patronyme 'Welde' : Amerique, premiers pionniers / by Armand Vanwelde.
by Vanwelde, Armand ;
Pamphlet - Privately published, , 1985.
Call Number: W6/WEL/Pam.1d
Location: Villa Stack
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Letters from America, 1773 to 1780 : being the letters of a Scots officer Sir James Murray, to his home during the War of American Independence / edited by Eric Robson.
by Robson, Eric ;
Book - Manchester : Manchester University Press, 1951.
Call Number: P6/MUR/1
Location: Villa Stack
Full Record
Mary Cumming's letters home to Lisburn from America, 1811-1815 / edited by Jimmy Irvine.
by Irvine, Jimmy ;
Book - Coleraine, Northern Ireland : Impact-Amergin, 1982.
Call Number: R6/CUM/1
Location: Villa Stack
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Photographers of North America, Great Britain and Europe : a computerised list of not all, but of approximately 1800 different photographers with cities and some dates of operation covering the years 1840 to 1939 / by Judith Allison Walters.
by Walters, Judith Allison ;
Book - Washington : Self published, 1980.
Call Number: L8/12/2
Location: Villa Stack
Full Record
The search for Mr. Thomas Kirbye, gentleman / by Noel Currer-Briggs.
by Currer-Briggs, Noel ;
Book - Chichester : Phillimore and Co. Ltd., 1986.
Call Number: N6/KIR/1
Location: Villa Stack
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