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The armies of India / by G. F. MacMunn; with foreword by Earl Roberts.
by MacMunn, G. F. ;
Book - New Delhi : Rupa & Co., 2002
Call Number: V3.IND/71/4
Location: 379 Kent
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Armies of the Raj : from the mutiny to independence, 1858-1947 / by Byron Farwell.
by Farwell, Byron. ;
Book - London : Viking, 1990.
Call Number: V3.IND/71/5
Location: 379 Kent
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An assemblage of Indian army soldiers & uniforms : written & edited by Michael Glover; original paintings by Chater Paul Charter. (First ed.)
by Glover, Michael ;
Book - London : Perpetua Press, 1973.
Call Number: V3.IND/71/7
Location: 379 Kent
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The battle of Plassey and the conquest of Bengal / by Michael Edwardes.
by Edwardes, Michael. ;
Book - London : Batsford, 1963.
Call Number: V3.IND/71/6
Location: 379 Kent
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Bengal cavalry regiments 1857-1914 / by R. G. Harris; colour plates by Chris Warner.
by Harris, R. G. ;
Book - Botley, Oxford : Osprey Publishing, 1979.
Call Number: V3.IND/71/1
Location: 379 Kent
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The Bengal Sappers 1803-2003 : an anthology / compiled and edited by George Cooper and David Alexander.
by Cooper, George ; Alexander, David ;
Book - Chatham : The Institution of Royal Engineers, 2003.
Call Number: V4.IND/71/1
Location: 379 Kent
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Britain's army in India : from its origins to the Conquest of Bengal / by James P. Lawford.
by Lawford, James P. ;
Book - London : George Allen & Unwin, 1978.
Call Number: V3.IND/71/3
Location: 379 Kent
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Calcutta light horse A.F.(I.) 1759 - 1881 - 1947 / Anon.
Book - Aldershot : Gale & Polden, 1957.
Call Number: V4.IND/71/3
Location: 379 Kent
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The Colonial wars source book / by Philip J. Haythornthwaite.
by Haythornthwaite, Philip J. ;
Book - London : Arms and Armour Press, 1995.
Call Number: M3/70/14
Location: 379 Kent
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The East India Company's arsenals and manufacturies by H. A. Young. (Facsimile Reprint)
by Young, H. A. ;
Book - Uckfield, Eng.: Naval & Military Press Ltd.
Call Number: V3.IND/70/7
Location: 379 Kent
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