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Armagh : history & guide / by Ian Maxwell
by Maxwell, Ian ;
Book - Dublin : Nonsuch, 2009
Call Number: R4.2/1/6
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
The Diamond : a north Armagh parish / by W. E. C. Fleming.
by Fleming, W. E. C. ;
Book - [Northern Ireland : W. E. C. Fleming], 2009.
Call Number: R4.2/91/5
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
A family sketch / Thomas William Bell.
by Bell, Thomas William ;
Book -
Call Number: R6/BEL/1
Location: Villa Stack
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A History of the parish of Kilmore : These folk are mine they are not strangers. / by Benedict Fearon
by Fearon, Benedict ;
Book - Monaghan, Ireland : Benedict Fearon, 2004
Call Number: R4.2/92/2
Location: 379 Kent
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History of the Seaver family formerly of Heath Hall in the County of Armagh and their connections / by George Seaver.
by Seaver, George ;
Book - Privately published, , 1950.
Call Number: R6/SEA/1
Location: Villa Stack
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A Journey Through Time : A History of Kilmore Parish, Co. Armagh / by Patricia Reilly
by Reilly, Patricia ;
Book - Armagh : Patricia Reilly , 2009
Call Number: R4.2/91/4
Location: 379 Kent
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Mullavilly : portrait of an Ulster parish / by Brett Hannam
by Hannam, Brett ;
Book - Mullavilly : Lulu and the select vestry of Mulavilly parish church, 2011
Call Number: R4.2/91/3
Location: 379 Kent
Full Record
Ways to wealth : the Cust family of eighteenth century Armagh / by L. A. Clarkson and E. M. Crawford.
by Clarkson, L. A. ; Crawford, E. M. ;
Book - Belfast : The Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies, The Queens University, 1985.
Call Number: R6/CUS/1
Location: Villa Stack
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