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An exile from Canada to Van Dieman's Land / by Fred Landon.
Call No: T6/WOO/1
Author: Landon, Fred ;
Publisher: Toronto : Longmans, Green and Company, 1960.
Subject: Canada ; Woodman, Elijah ; Canada - family history ; Canada ;
Material Type: Book
Pagination: 321 p. : 22 cm.
Notes: Includes index.
Public Note: Donated by Libraries of Australian History
Summary: Elijah Woodman was an American who came to Upper Canada from Maine in 1830. It was a poor time to make the move; the notorious Family Compact was in power and ran the colony in a way that resulted in the 1837 rebelion of William Lyon Mackenzie. Woodman took no part in this; but it took very little to bring a man into disfavour with the authorities, and he managed it by trying to help the political prisoners in the London jail.

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