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The visitation of the county of Huntingdon, 1684 made by Sir Henry St. George, Knight, Clarenceux King of Arms / transcribed and edited by John Bedells ; corrected by the Hon. Janet Grant and Thomas Woodcock.
Call No: N1.18/40/2
Author: Bebells, John ; Grant, Janet ; Woodcock, Thomas ;
Publisher: London : The Harleian Society, 2000.
Subject: Huntingdonshire (England : County) ; England - heraldry, visitations ; England - Huntingdonshire ;
Material Type: Book
Series Title: The Harleian Society, New Series replacement. ;
Series Part: 13
Pagination: viii, 176 p. : ill., 26 cm.
Notes: Includes index
Public Note: Purchased: sub

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England - heraldry, visitations;
2 Glover, Robert;
The visitation of Staffordshire amde by Sir Richard St. George, Norry, in 1614, and by Sir William Dugdale, Norry in the years 1663 and 1664 / by Richard St. George & William Dudgale; edited by H. Sydney Grazebrook. 1885 England - heraldry, visitations;
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Hatchments in Britain, 6 : Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire and Middlesex / edited by Peter Summers and John Titterton. 1985 Cambridgeshire (England : County);
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Visitation of the county of Worcestershire made in the year 1569 : with other pedigrees relating to that county from Richard Mundy's collection / edited by W. P. W. Phillimore. 1888 Worcester (England : County);
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An index to the pedigrees and arms contained in the heralds' visitations and other genealogical manuscripts in the British Museum / by R. Sims. 1970 England - heraldry, visitations;
10 Maclean, John;
The visitation of the county of Gloucester taken in the year 1623 by Henry Chitty and John Phillips / edited by John Maclean. 1885 Gloucestershire (England : County);
England - heraldry, visitations;
England - Gloucestershire;

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