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Leicestershire graziers, also including Osbaston : 1982 researcher's manual / compiled by A. M. Billings.
Call No: N6/BIL/Pam.2
Author: Billings, A. M. ;
Subject: Billings family ; Leicestershire (England : County) ; England - Leicestershire ; England - family history ; Billings family ;
Material Type: Pamphlet
Pagination: 17 p. : 33 cm.
Public Note: Donated by J.L. Billings
Summary: Researchers' manual for Billings family members who have descended from graziers in Leicestershire and Osbaston. Details of noted researchers, how to process genealogical data such as detail charts, and where to look for detailed family histories. Also includes the Billings family index including and up to 25 November 1981, and some useful addresses. This edition is geared towards the Australia branch of the family

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