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Sea wolves and bandits : sealing, whaling, smuggling and piracy, wild men of Van Diemen's Land, bushrangers and bandits, wrecks and wreckers / by L. Norman.
Call No: D3/1/3
Author: Norman, L. ;
Publisher: Privately published 1946.
Subject: Tasmania - history ; Tasmania - ships & shipping ; Tasmania - shipping ;
Material Type: Book
Pagination: 208 p. : ill., 25 cm.
Notes: Includes index
Public Note: SAG

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1 Nicholson, Ian Hawkins;
Shipping arrivals and departures, Tasmania, vol II, 1834-1842 (parts I, II and III) and gazetteer of Tasmanian shipping 1803-1842 (part IV) / by Ian Hawkins Nicholson. 1985 Tasmania - ships & shipping;
Tasmania - directories, shipping;
Tasmania - shipping;
2 O'May, Harry;
Wooden hookers of Hobart Town and Whalers out of Van Diemen's Land / compiled by Harry O'May. Tasmania - ships & shipping;
Tasmania - commerce & industry;
Tasmania - shipping;
3 Norman, Leslie;
Haunts of the blue whale / by Leslie Norman. 1978 Tasmania - commerce & industry;
Tasmania - ships & shipping;
Tasmania - whaling;
Tasmania - shipping;
4 Broxam, Graeme;
Shipping arrivals and departures, Tasmania, volume III, 1843-1850 / by Graeme Broxam. 1998 Tasmania - ships & shipping;
Tasmania - shipping;
5 Villiers, A. J.;
Vanished fleets : ships and men of old Van Diemen's Land / by A. J. Villiers. 1931 Tasmania - ships & shipping;
Tasmania - commerce & industry;
Tasmania - whaling;
Tasmania - shipping;
6 Norman, L.;
Pioneer shipping of Tasmania : whaling, sealing, piracy, shipwrecks etc. in early Tasmania / by L. Norman. 1980 Tasmania - ships & shipping;
Tasmania - shipwrecks;
Tasmania - commerce & industry;
Tasmania - whaling;
Tasmania - sealing;
Tasmania - shipping;
7 Jetson, Tim;
Chapman, Peter;
Historical records of Australia. Resumed series III, despatches and papers relating to the history of Tasmania : volume VII Tasmania, January - December, 1828 / edited by Peter Chapman and Tim Jetson. 1997 Tasmania - history;
Australia - history ;
Australia - history, sources;
Tasmania - history, sources;
8 Wentworth, William Charles;
Statistical, historical and political description of the Colony of New South Wales and its Dependent Settlements in Van Diemen's Land / by William Charles Wentworth. 1979 New South Wales - history;
Tasmania - history;
9 Epps, Janet Marion;
The Chambers letters : a family's letters from the Victorian goldfields, South Australia's pioneers and Tasmania's early mining days / by Janet Marion Epps. 1997 South Australia - history;
Victoria - history;
Tasmania - history;
Australia - family history;
Chambers family;
10 Dow, Gwyneth;
Dow, Hume;
Landfall in Van Diemen's Land : the Steel's quest for greener pastures / by Gwyneth & Hume Dow. 1990 Australia - family history;
Steel family;
Tasmania - history;

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