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Research and Associated material related to William Stuart Griffith / William Stuart Griffith [electronic resource]
Call No: A6/GRI/CD.2
Author: Griffith, William Stuart ;
Publisher: Copacabana, NSW: William Stuart Griffith, 2009
Subject: Griffith family ; Hall family ; Hodgson family ; Pinkerton family ; Bryant family ; Yuille family ; Australia - family history ;
Material Type: CD ROM
Pagination: 1 CD ROM
Public Note: Donated by William Stuart Griffith
Summary: Research files and notes associated with the Griffith, Hall, Hodgson, Pinkerton, Bryant, Yuille, families.
Refer to the electronic records on the Electronic Resources in the Library for
Griffith family A6/GRI/CD.1
Hall family: A6/HAL/CD.1
Hodgson family: A6/HOD/CD.1
Pinkerton family: A6/PIN/CD.1

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1 2009 On Electronic Resources 379 Kent
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Similar Items
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1 Griffith, William Stuart;
Griffith ancestry : a compilation of the ancestry of William Stuart Griffith / compiled by William Stuart Griffith. [electronic resource] 2009 Griffith family;
Stuart family;
Ratcliffe family;
Mills family;
Aitkins family;
Bigg family;
Rothon family;
Sprake family;
Fowler family;
Crocker family;
Govier family;
Moore family;
Vanderhorst family;
Villepondeux family;
Foisin family;
Bowen family;
Mawney family;
Bryant family;
Oliphant family;
Yuille family;
Denny family;
Cottington family;
Australia - family history;
2 Griffith, William Stuart;
Hodgson and related families: the ancestry of John Grant Hodgson vol. 1. Paternal and Volume 2 Maternal / compiled by W.S. Griffith. [electronic resource] 2009 Hodgson family;
Robinson family;
Styan family;
Ord family;
Quinn family;
Crowley family;
Johnson family;
Bryant family;
Ison family;
Thibault family;
Denning family;
McPherson family;
MacDonald family;
MacAskill family;
Wise family;
Gumbleton family;
Johns family;
Wilkinson family;
Capel family;
Vincent family;
Dawson family;
Shannon family;
Australia - family history;
3 Griffith, William Stuart;
The ancestry of Beryl, Pamela and Jean Hall / compiled by W.S. Griffith. [electronic resource] 2009 Hall family;
Evans family;
Harvie family;
Crowe family;
Coleman family;
Petlove family;
Curtis family;
Osmond family;
Poley family;
Bishop family;
Fisher family;
Shelton family;
Australia - family history;
4 Griffith, William Stuart;
The ancestry of Duncan John McLean Pinkerton / compiled by W.S. Griffith. [electronic resource] 2009 Pinkerton family;
McCorkindale family;
O'Flynn family;
Ballantyne family;
Lumsden family;
McLean family;
Mac Callum family;
James family;
Evans family;
Taylor family;
Daniel family;
Kenerley family;
Inglis family;
Murray family;
Brown family;
Wark family;
Longmore family;
Mees family;
Tweedie family;
Watson family;
Australia - family history;
5 Kilduff, Colin;
John and Mary Kilduff : Hawkesbury settlers; their story and their descendants to the second and third generation of Australians / by Colin Kilduff [electronic resource] 2017 Kilduff family;
McCarthy family;
Hall family;
Buckridge family;
Seymour family;
Roscommon (Ireland : County);
Windsor (N.S.W.);
Australia - family history;
6 Power, William Albert;
Morgan and a history of the Power family / by William Albert Power. [electronic resource] 2009 Power family;
Australia - family history;
7 Kendall, Yvonne;
Kendall, Peter;
The Camerons and the Rankins, from the Hunter, NSW to the Fassifern district, Boonah and Ipswich/Toowoomba, Queensland, 1820s to 1920s. Yvonne and Peter Kendall 1990 Rankin family;
Cameron family;
Australia - family history;
8 Kirkwood, Rosalind V.;
Robert Cooper genealogy 1777 to 1966 / by Rosalind V. Kirkwood. [electronic resource] Cooper family;
Earl Spencer (Ship);
Australia - family history;
9 Taylor, Joan;
The Henderson and Ward families of Brisbane Water / by Joan Taylor. Henderson family;
Ward family;
John Davies (Ship);
Australia - family history;
10 Johnston, Brian J.;
A history of William Dowdell family of Off Flats, Hampton, NSW / by Brian J. Johnston. [electronic resource] 1979 Dowdell family;
Hampton (N.S.W.);
Australia - family history;

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