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Additions and corrections to the pedigrees of James of Culgarth, West Auckland, and Barrock : and their kinsfolk / compiled by H. E. M. James and W. A. James.
Call No: Z/N6/JAM/1(a)
Author: James, H. E. M. ; James, W. A. ;
Publisher: Exeter : Privately published, 1914.
Subject: England - family history ; James family ;
Material Type: Book
Pagination: 35 p. : 30 cm.
Summary: Names are James, Rutson, Ashton, Todd, Hill, Denton, Featherstonehaugh, Wilkinson, Gillespie, Vaughan, Pritchard, Pottinger, Ewart, Gott, Williams, Romer, Brooks, Bright, Thompson, Nesham, Farquharson.

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1 James, H. E. M.;
James, W. A.;
Extracts from the pedigrees of James of Barrock / compiled by H. E. M. James and W. A. James. 1913 England;
England - family history;
James family;
2 Alabatser, Adrian;
A quintet of Alabasters / by Adrian Alabaster. 1997 Alabaster family;
England - family history;
3 Williams, Peter J.;
Coal and community : a history of the James and related families of South Wales and Australia, volume 1 / by Peter J. Williams. 2004 James family;
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4 Dawson, Robert;
The genealogy of the Romany Boswells : Volume 1 The pedigrees / by Robert Dawson. 2004 Boswell family;
Family Boswell.;
Romany and gypsy family history;
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5 Booth, John Nicholls;
Booths in history, their roots and lives, encounters and achievements / John Nicholls Booth. 1982 Booth family;
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International - family history;
6 Ormerod, Milton B.;
The Ormerods : a Lancashire family, 1500 to 1750/1800 / by Milton B. Ormerod. 2002 England;
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Ormerod family;
7 Pontifex, Minimus;
A record of the family of Pontifex / compiled by Minimus Pontifex. 1886 England;
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8 Additions to Aram family. 1951 England - family history;
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9 Blake family history / Blake family;
Pynessles Manor, Calne, Wiltshire;
Wiltshire (England : County);
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10 Irby, Paul Aubert;
The Irbys of Lincolnshire and the Irebys of Cumberland : Part I, the Irbys of Lincolnshire / by Paul Aubert Irby. 1937 Irby family;
Lincolnshire (England : County);
England - Lincolnshire;
England - family history;
Irby family;

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