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Argus passenger index 1852-1855 / Indexed by Marion Button. [microform]
Call No: VIC-SHP-IMM:3
Publisher: Gisborne, Victoria : Marion Button, 1993.
Subject: Victoria ; Australia - Victoria ; Victoria - vital records, shipping ;
Material Type: Microfiche
Pagination: Microfiche.
Public Note: Purchased:publisher
Summary: Contains:
An index compiled from the shipping intelligence columns of the Argus newspaper 1852-1855. Interstate shipping as well as local shipping is included. An index to Argus shipping movements 1852-1855 has been compiled from this passenger index and can be found at SAG vic-shp-imm:4

The inspiration to index Melbourne's Argus Shipping intelligence columns was born out of a desire to locate the shipping arrival of one Colin Campbell who arrived in Melbourne in 1852. Having investigated the available indexes, I had still not discovered the correct arrival for Colin Campbell . Private sources had advised he had arrived on the ANNA in 1852 and using Marten A. Symes "shipping arrivals and Departures"Volume 2, I discovered the arrival date of the ship. I then checked the Argus newspaper and found Campbell listed as a passenger. I was fortunate enough to also find a testimonial for the captain of the ship, also in the Argus, which clearly listed Colin Campbell.
I offer this as an example of the usefulness of the shipping intelligence columns as no passenger lists have survived for the ANNA. This is surely not an isolated case.
I realized that, had the newspaper been indexed, I would have been able to locate my passenger quickly. In deciding to index the paper, it seemed more logical to also include interstate shipping and so all shipping intelligence is listed in this index.
Always check original index;
Any index is only a tool towards further research. I cannot adequately stress that anyone using this index, should check both the Argus newspaper itself and also, the shipping records. While completing this index, I was aware of mistakes made by the reporter but have made no attempt to correct or interpret what was written.
Argus date reference;
In cases where the Argus date reference is given, you should refer firstly to the newspaper of that date in order to see what type of mention is made of your passenger. This may then lead you to other records.
Original records;
Interstate shipping arrivals for the period 1852 to 1924 are held at the Public Record Office in Laverton, Victoria, reference VPRS 944.
Outwards passengers to interstate, United Kingdom and Foreign Ports for the period 1852 to 1923 can also be found at Laverton in VPRS 3506.
Date 1 and Date 2;
When using this index, date 1 refers to departure date; Date 2 refers to arrival dates.
The expression - īnst - meaning this month and - ult - meaning last month, were often used in the newspaper but not always correctly, especially at the beginning of the month. The arrival date is therefore likely to be the most accurate if the dates do not look correct.
Abbreviations used:
APP = Apprentice
Cape GH = Cape of Good Hope
CHD = Child/ Children
DAU = Daughter
FAM = Family
SIS = Sister
SVT (or SV) = Servant
MST = Master
Note: "Master" refers , in most cases, to the master of a ship, however this also refers to a young man.
Also note that where a Captain/Commander is mentioned, this does not necessarily mean he captained that ship; many travelled as passengers.
Where the designation of Master/ Captain/ Commander was not given, I have used the expression "master"in order to differentiate from a passenger.
Many men were listed together under "Messrs". Where this occurred, I did not include a title. However, often men were listed with the title "Mr and when this occurred, I have listed them as such.
Sometimes the same name was mentioned twice on the shipping list with no differentiation. In these cases, I have added them twice in case they referred to two people of the same name. Where a figure in brackets occurs, this indicated as such in the newspaper.
Page Numbering of fiche:
Please note that the database used for this index was found ( too late!) to be incapable of numbering pages from 1000 onwards. Therefore from page number 999, the numbering system stars from zero.
Marion Button
P.O. Box 540
Gisborne, Vic, 3437


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