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Guild Stewards' book of the Borough of Calne : 1561-1688 / edited by A.W. Mabbs. (limited edition of 300 copies)
Call No: N4.41/2/51
Author: Mabbs, A. W. ;
Publisher: Devizes [Wilt.] : Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, 1953.
Subject: England - history, sources [Wiltshire] ;
Material Type: Book
Series Title: Wiltshire Record Society, ; Wiltshire Archaeological and Natrual History Society, ; Wiltshire Archaeological and Natrual History Society, ;
Series Part: VIIRecords Branch; ;
Pagination: xxxiii, 150 p. : 24 cm.
Edition: limited edition of 300 copies
Notes: Includes index
Public Note: Donated by Janet Gale
Summary: Gives accounts, minutes, orders and miscellaneous entries from the Stewards' book.

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