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London : except the cities of London and Westminster / by Nikolaus Pevsner.
Call No: N4.23/20/7
Author: Pevsner, Nikolaus ;
Publisher: Harmondsworth : Penguin Books, 1952.
Subject: England - buildings & properties [London] ;
Material Type: Book
Series Title: Buildings of England ; Buildings of England ;
Series Part: ;
Pagination: 496 p. : 19 cm.
Notes: Includes index

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1 379 Kent
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Similar Items
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1 Smith, R. M.;
Alka-Seltzer guide to the pubs of London / edited by R. M. Smith ; illustrated by Myerscough. 1976 England - buildings & properties [London];
2 Galloway, James;
Historical sketches of Old Charing : the Hospital and Chapel of St. Mary Roncevall. Eleanor of Castile, Queen of England and the monuments erected to her memory / by James Galloway. 1914 England - local/co. history [London];
England - buildings & properties [London];
3 Law, Ernest;
Kensington Palace / by Ernest Law. 1923 England - buildings & properties [London];
4 Dasent, Arthur Irwin;
The story of Stafford House, now the London Museum / by Arthur Irwin Dasent. 1921 England - buildings & properties [London];
5 Law, Ernest;
Kew Palace / by Ernest Law. 1915 England - buildings & properties [London];
6 Sherson, Erroll;
London's lost theatres of the nineteenth century with notes on plays and players seen there / by Erroll Sherson. 1925 England - buildings & properties [London];
7 Bates, L. M.;
Somerset House : four hundred years of history / by L. M. Bates. 1967 England - buildings & properties [London];
8 Ellen, R. G.;
A London steeplechase : a survey of the 150 parish churches historically associated with the Parish Clerks' Company of the City of London / by R. G. Ellen. 1972 England - buildings & properties [London];
9 Gater, G. H.;
Godfrey, Walter H.;
Survey of London, volume XVI : Charing Cross (the Parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Part I) / edited by G. H. Gater and Walter H. Godfrey. 1935 England - buildings & properties [London];
10 Baddeley, John James;
The Guildhall of the City of London / compiled by John James Baddeley. 1927 England - buildings & properties [London];

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