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Historical records of Victoria, vol. 11b : aborigines and protectors, 1838-1839 / edited by Michael Cannon and Ian MacFarlane.
Call No: C3/87/2b
Author: Cannon, Michael ; MacFarlane, Ian ;
Publisher: Melbourne : Victorian Government Printing Office 1983.
Subject: Victoria - history, sources ; Victoria - aborigines ;
Material Type: Book
Series Title: Historical Records of Victoria Foundation Series ; Historical Records of Victoria Foundation Series ;
Series Part: ;
Pagination: xii, 438 p. : ill., 27 cm.
Notes: Includes index

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5 Massola, Aldo;
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Coranderrk : a history of the aboriginal station. by Aldo Massola ; register compiled by Nan McNab. 1975 Victoria - aborigines;
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10 Cannon, Michael;
MacFarlane, Ian;
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