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The illustrious de Verduns of Lorraine, England and Ireland : II / Margaret R. G. Shepherd.
Call No: L6/DeV/1b
Author: Shepherd, Margaret R. G. ;
Publisher: Herts. England : Privately published ; n.d.
Subject: De Verdun family ; De Verdun family ; International - family history ;
Material Type: Book
Pagination: 141 p. : 25 cm.
Summary: These books are in 6 sections: (1) The de Verduns of the House of Ardennes; (2) The Norman de Verduns; (3) Lord Bertram de Verdun II, Baron of Alton, etc; (4) The feud between the de Verdun and the Basset families in the reign of King John; (5) Lady Rohesia de Verdun (the Lady of the Rock); (6)Lord John de Verdun, Constable of Ireland etc.
There 11 chapters in book 1 and 9 in book 2, covering these topics.

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1 Shepherd, Margaret R. G.;
The illustrious de Verduns of Lorraine, England and Ireland, in the early middle ages : 1 / De Verdun family n.d De Verdun family;
De Verdun family;
International - family history;
2 Lobb, Douglas;
Lobbery, volume III : 20,000 Lobbs around the world / Douglas Lobb, author, edited by Tara Pearce. 1991 Lobb family;
International - family history;
International - family history;
3 Bourdon, Frederick Francis;
Jacques Bourdon 7000 descendants et/and ancestors/ancetres Canada, USA, France, Vol I / by Frederick Francis Bourdon. 1995 Canada - family history;
Bourdon family;
International - family history;
4 Family Trees : ed by Keith E. G. Meredith. 2002 International - family history;
World - family history;
Meredith family;
Meredith family;
5 Booth, John Nicholls;
Booths in history, their roots and lives, encounters and achievements / John Nicholls Booth. 1982 Booth family;
England - family history;
Booth family;
International - family history;
6 Modera, Justin;
van Kretschmar, Jhr F. G .L. O.;
Bosch Reitz, N. A.;
van de Pas, L. F. M.;
Introduction to ancestors of Theo and Melanie Bosch Reitz / compiled by Justin Modera, Jhr F. G. L. O. van Kretschmar, N. A. Bosch Reitz, L. F. M. van de Pas. 1994 Bosch Reitz family;
International - family history;
7 Eliot, Peter;
Cairns, Ian;
Decendents (sic) and ancestors of Percival Lionel Eliot : prepared for the Eliot family reunion Canada 2000 / compiled by Peter Eliot in conjunction with Ian Cairns. Eliot family;
Eliot family;
International - family history;
8 Fryke, Christopher;
Schweitzer, Christopher;
Schweitzer, Christopher Fayley, C. Ernest;
Voyages to the East Indies : with introductions and notes by C. Ernest Fayle / by Christopher Fryke and Christopher Schweitzer. 1700 South East Asia;
International - family history;
East Indies;
9 Gowan, James H. B.;
The Genealogy of the Clan Gowan, volume I / edited by James H. B. Gowan. 1978 Gowan Clan;
Gowan Clan;
International - family history;
10 Gowan, James H. B.;
The Genealogy of the Clan Gowan, volume II / edited by James H. B. Gowan. 1982 Gowan Clan;
Gowan Clan;
International - family history;

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